Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanks All You Dudes!

Oh man, what a great week! I had heaps of fun chilling in the gallery, reading books, listening to music and talking to very interesting people. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped to chat and especially to those who took something home with them - I really appreciate your support and remember each of you, I hope they look great hanging on your walls!
So back at work, that's pretty uncool... I feel so tired. Even though I had a super-awesome time, seven days in the gallery has left me feeling a wee bit destroyed!


  1. Hi,
    I saw the poster for your exhibition in the library where I work but didn't make it to the gallery. I really like the look of your work. When are you planning another exhibition? Do you have work for sale from your studio/home?

  2. Atom - Congrats on getting through the exhibition, and thanks for the awesome piece of art! "Adequate Distraction" is now hanging above the kitchen table in Melbourne! My wife even came back to buy another one which is earmarked for a Christmas gift in Sydney.

    I have a copy of the photo I took which I'll email.

    Congrats again!

  3. Dear Lucette
    How are you? I am fine :)
    Libraries - they would be awesome places to work I recon. Which one are you at? Anyways, yes, I am planning to have another but not sure when! Hopefully within the next six months. But yes, not everything was sold at the exhibition so if you are interested, drop me an email (listed under my blog profile) and I can send you some pictures. Selling them framed for $80. Thanks!

  4. Jono!
    You know, I still often feel flattered that people are willing to buy my work and even hang it on their walls. Having my stuff in someone elses house, oh man, that is an awesome feeling for me. Thank you!
    You know, I almost missed your wife because I shut the gallery for 2 mins while I used the loo, thankfully I returned just in time to meet her. Sounds like you had a great time down south including an awesome helicopter ride!



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